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Schedule D Enhanced Priority Creditor functionality

We now allow each creditor to be entered separately, and then linked to the First Priority creditor which will make a clearer representation of the creditor’s position and priority.

We now also allow you to label each creditors position in any manner you choose.  Our simple interface allows Drag and Drop and re-sorting of the creditors position within the liability.  Each creditor will print in their order (Alpha) and the first creditor to appear in the group will be list the grouping.  Subsequent creditors in the group will reference the line number of that creditor that had the original listing.

To access this functionality, enter all records as normal.  On the main (First Priority record) access the multiple creditor icon ( ) and process the multiple creditors for that property.   After the creditors have been processed the icon will change to indicate that a creditor is a First Priority creditor ( ) or the icon will not be present to indicate this creditor is part of a priority Group.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description generated with very high confidence


As indicated use either icon to access the Multiple Creditor Priority Screen.  This assumes the First Priority creditor is the one that you selected and will be listed on the upper right portion of the screen, indicated with “First Priority:” [Creditor information].  On the lower part of the screen you will see two lists of “Available Creditors” (left side) and “Assigned Creditors” (right side).  Simply drag creditors from left to right to add them to the Assigned Creditor list.  To select multiple creditors, use Ctrl-left mouse click (windows) / Command-mouse click (Mac), each selected creditor will be highlighted.  To find a particular creditor use the Filter box and begin typing any part of the name of the creditor.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description generated with very high confidence



When you start filling your Assigned Creditor list you will notice a box to the left of each creditor.  This is available for you to add priority language as necessary, but is optional.  If you choose to label the priority make sure to label the First Priority creditor if desired.  If labeling the creditors, it is not required to label all creditors.  You may want to indicate that two creditors are pari passu, so just label those two creditors.  Please note this is NOT the sort order for the creditors.


Priority Creditors Labels


Sorting within this list is available.  The order they will appear on schedule D is the order they are listed on the Assigned creditor list.  To resort, simply drag and drop within that list.

Priority Creditor Sort

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