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CaseFilePRO® is the first web-enabled bankruptcy document preparation software to create a truly collaborative and efficient environment for clients with non-consumer debts. Imagine having the freedom to work from anywhere. Imagine going beyond document preparation to managing claims and integrated noticing.

Imagine doubling your productivity with CasefilePRO.

CasefilePRO is the only case management software tool that goes beyond simple data entry and document publishing:

  • Internet based, online tools available to everyone, everywhere at all times
  • Complex multi-debtor cases can be handled as a single project
  • Management of claims and development of estimated case liabilities
  • Integrated noticing

Realize these unique benefits:

  • Increase billings for high value work and reduce costs for low value work
  • Increase productivity by eliminating redundant data entry and reducing errors
  • Estimate total liability for plan, balloting or distribution purposes

CasefilePRO is the most comprehensive case management software available that allows you to manage multiple cases from document preparation to distribution in one Web-based, user-friendly, multi-party interface. Now, you can handle all aspects of a case in-house with automatic software updates that require no downtime and low IT overhead.

  • Document preparation
  • Schedules filing
  • Creditor matrix
  • Mailing list generation
  • Claims and objection tracking
  • Estimation for allowance and voting
  • One-click access to printing services
  • Multi-party, multi-location Web-based access
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Automatic offsite backups and disaster recovery
  • Enterprise-class security and client support
  • Web-Based, online tools available to everyone, everywhere at all times

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