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Advisory Services


Advisory Services offer these Advantages:


Experienced Advisors

Debtors needing assistance in the preparation of the Schedule of Liabilities and Statement of Financial Affairs (SOFA) can access our team of professionals with meaningful hands-on direct experience. Typically working in two-person teams, their wealth of knowledge allows them to focus information requests, fully vet the debtor(s) and to uncover information that should be disclosed. As a result, our professionals will only need to draw on debtor’s counsel for legal direction not hand-holding or bankruptcy 101 tutorials.

Fixed-Known Cost

Our fixed fee pricing model assures certainty of costs. When budgeting scarce resources and dealing with carve-outs, you will know exactly the cost of document preparation. No surprises. The job is done and our advisors are gone, no tail of unexpected fees.

Better Use of Resources
While there will always be a need for our consultants to use debtor resources, using outside experienced professionals greatly reduces those demands. It allows them to focus on the reorganization, not paperwork. Debtor’s counsel is freed from the preparation burden. Less time spent on schedules preparation allows more time to focus on the reorganization.

By hiring our professionals, you will always have someone focused on the preparation of the schedules. Distractions that would be experienced by counsel or the debtor will not occur, ensuring a more likely on-time delivery. It is our only task in the reorganization. Due to the collaborative nature of CasefilePRO, counsel and debtor personnel can review and approve documents at their convenience.

Problem Solvers
By drawing on their years of experience, our professionals can solve your unique situations just as they have for many other debtors. It is highly likely that they have prepared schedules for other debtors in the same or similar industries.

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