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AB and SOFA Print Options


We are pleased to announce that we have recently enhanced the printing of schedule AB and SOFA.  We have included two additional printing options:

  • Print all lines to continuation pages. This option causes all data to print to continuation pages, for each question, even if the resulting data would fit on the standard form.
  • Print all lines to continuation pages if the total lines to print would cause a continuation page to print. This option causes printing to print the results to the standard form if the number of lines will fit on the standard form for that individual question, but will print straight to the continuation sheet if the number of lines to print exceed the number of lines on the form.

The current functionality will still be in place and be the “default” setting.  This option prints data on the form as designed and will fill the form to its space limits and print overflow to the continuation page.


This option is found on the Edit Project screen.

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