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Key Features and Benefits

Lower Cost of Operation
CaseFilePRO and CaseFileCE is internet based and requires no IT support of any kind.
Free Maintenance and Upgrades
CaseFilePRO and CaseFileCE never charge for maintenance and software upgrades.
Increased Collaboration
CasefilePRO and CE unique collaboration features allow work to be performed by the most qualified, and in many cases, lowest cost individual, within or outside the firm. Access can be granted to anyone, debtor employee, financial advisor, other lawyers, etc.
Claims and objection management tools
CasefilePRO provides Claims Management tools whereby claims can be estimated, balloting and objections created and tracked and adjudicated with in the same platform. Allows the determination of true maximum liability in real time.
Dynamic print options
CaseFilePRO and CaseFileCE allow flexible print options that gives users the ability to to customize their output to fit the specific need.
SaaS license available
CasefileCE is priced on a per use basis allowing the firm to use only what it needs.
Outstanding Multi-Debtor Tools and Administration
CasefilePRO allows unlimited jointly administered debtors to be handle as a single project and provides tools to seamlessly work amongst those debtors for copying of creditors and creating Schedule H
Increase Billings
CaseFilePRO innovative Noticing and Claims Management allow work previously outsourced to be handled in-house thereby increasing billable hours.
One-click access to noticing services
CaseFilePRO and CaseFileCE allow the law firm to utilize simple point and click features to generate noticing for communication with creditors not supported by the BNC.

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